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Exclusive to Empire: the Flip Tip!

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No more lost tips!

The Flip Tip resealable closure eliminates the risk of separation of the closure tip from the cap body.

The Flip Tip can be opened, locked into place for product dispersion and then closed using only one hand.

The elongated spout, in your choice of colors and dispensing patterns, lends itself well to any product where the precise application is desirable.

The Flip Tip is a versatile and practical solution for products that are reused.

The patented design enhances consumer safety and confidence when using products where the integrity or freshness can be compromised by air exposure which often leads to product hardening, chemical reaction or spoilage. The Flip Tip is designed to help streamline the filling, handling, and packaging during the production process.

Stock Size: 28/400 with 5/16th orifice custom sized and shaped orifices are available.

  • Resealable tip maintains product integrity
  • Locking tip for precision applications
  • Attached tip stays with the package
  • Variety of colors, linings & dispensing patterns available

Great for: food products, pharmaceuticals, pet supplies, industrial, automotive, household, lubricants, crafting supplies, paints, adhesives and more!

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