Why Empire

EmpireEMCO has been meeting the needs of the packaging industry for over 100 years.

Our knowledgeable sales and support staff, armed with direct access to over 500 manufacturers of packaging components, are able to provide competitive pricing and hands-on customer service every step of the way. In addition to traditional packaging, EmpireEMCO is on the forefront of Innovation.  The Innovation Team is always looking for and creating cutting-edge products to add to our surplus of packaging options available for our customers.  We want to be your supply partner for all of your packaging needs, whether you are looking for stock bottles and closures or more innovative non-traditional packaging.  EmpireEMCO takes pride in providing high quality products backed by exceptional customer care and service.


"Your great service is why I come back to EmpireEmco" – Jeff, X1R


Our Mission is to Provide You With...

Exceptional Customer Care

  • We go above and beyond your expectations
  • We take that extra step to gain an understanding of what you expect and need
  • Dedicated Account Coordinators to assist you beyond the sale
  • We are accessible, approachable and responsive
  • We want this to be the best experience you have ever had

Knowledgeable Staff

  • We work with you to solve your packaging needs
  • We have decades of experience and knowledge
  • We listen to help you find what you're seeking
  • We take the extra step to gain an understanding of what you expect and need

 High Quality Products

  • A profusion of products
  • Enhanced features to fit your needs
  • Conformance to specifications
  • We can provide standard and/or custom items
  • We pride ourselves on providing on-time delivery

Our Model

EmpireEMCO offers both traditional and non-traditional packaging, as well as custom designed product offerings to help with speed to market while maintaining brand identity. Including plastic and glass containers, tubes, closures and innovative non-traditional offerings EmpireEMCO is your partner in Forming Solutions, Shaping Innovationtm .


Gary Burns, President/CEO of EmpireEmco -- "Building a culture around creativity and open collaboration is the cornerstone of our model."

Our team is committed to providing simple and unique solutions that help our customers build their brand and improve the bottom line.

By listening to our customers we develop programs that create the best total value by leveraging our network of strategic partners and identifying the right capability to meet your specific needs.

We understand that your objectives are unique and focus on developing a customized solution. Our strategic initiatives include progressive distribution, product pioneering, technology scouting, global sourcing and design and supply services.

I hope you will give us the opportunity to explain each in more depth and identify how they can benefit you.



EmpireEMCO has been meeting the needs of the packaging industry for over 100 years. Founded in 1906 by Max Fagin, the Empire State Bottle and Barrel Co. was incorporated in 1931. In 1994, the company's name was changed from Empire Bottle Co., Inc., to EmpireEMCO, Inc.

  • 1906: Max Fagin starts Empire State Bottle and Barrel from his garage
  • 1931: Empire State Bottle and Barrel is incorporated
  • 1994: Empire Bottle Co., Inc. becomes Empire/EMCO Inc.
  • 2010: Gary M. Burns named CEO
  • 2012: Gary R. Ashe hired as National Director of Consumer Innovation
  • 2013: EmpireEMCO re-brands and unveils a new logo and marketing strategy
  • 2017: Growing exponentially, EmpireEMCO joins the Webpackaging community and launches an updated website
  1. Max Fagin starts Empire State Bottle and Barrel from his garage
  2. Empire State Bottle and Barrel is Incorporated
  3. Opened Pittsburgh Office
  4. Opened Syracuse Office
  5. Opened Rochester Office
  6. Opened Office/Warehouse in Toms River, NJ
  7. Empire Bottle Co, Inc. becomes EmpireEMCO, Inc
  8. Opened Puerto Rico Office
  9. Opened Chicago Office
  10. Opened Florida Office
  11. Gary Burns named President
  12. Opened Dallas/Houston Office
  13. Corporate Offices move to Getzville, NY
  14.  Opened Cleveland Office
  15. Gary Burns named CEO
  16.  Gary Ashe hired as National Director of Consumer Innovation
  17. EmpireEMCO re-brands and unveils a new logo and marketing strategy
  18. Opened New Jersey Office
  19. Opened two additional locations, Buffalo & the Southern Tier
  20. Growing exponentially, EmpireEMCO joins the webpackaging community and launches an updated website

After 100 years, EmpireEMCO is still owned by the Fagin family and its' Managing Partner, Gary M. Burns, who is the President and CEO.

The corporate headquarters are located in Buffalo, New York and sales offices are located in US six regions: Great Lakes, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Southeast and Southwest. EmpireEMCO sells throughout North America, Asia and Europe.

Our sales offices are strategically located, enabling us as a company, to provide the best in personalized service to every customer.

Market Segments






Home Care


Industrial Chemical


Pet Care & Veterinary


Personal Health & Beauty


Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical & Healthcare


Pool Chemicals




National Director of Consumer Innovation

“Invention is the process of taking capital and turning it into knowledge.  Innovation is the process of taking knowledge and turning it back into capital”

As National Director of Consumer Innovations at EmpireEMCO, Gary Ashe provides a unique service to our clients. He uses innovative processes to develop new, thought-provoking, traditional and non-traditional packaging opportunities.

Gary has received numerous accolades and patents for consumer products, including Procter & Gambles Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Crayola's no-mess series of art tools for children, and BIC Wite-Out, among others. He has achieved these successes working with companies throughout North and South America, as well as Europe.

Gary has a concentration in the areas of Packaging, Household, Personal Care, Pharmaceuticals, Arts and Crafts, Industrial, and Automotive markets.

EmpireEMCO, a leader in packaging needs, has expanded their services to include EMCOEvolution, your resource for driving innovation and product design in packaging for all market categories. We look forward to innovating with you and your team.



At EmpireEMCO, we are proud of our accomplishments and the recognition they have garnered in the packaging industry. We have won a number of awards over the years, indicating the high levels of product quality and client service we can provide.

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